Media Sales Contacts

For our clients and tenants we realize a number of advertising campaigns and marketing activity, we conduct various areas of our Shopping Parks, using the common areas, and advertising media at our disposal.

We offer Media Sales Network, focusing on the solutions proposed in the six major Polish cities, are inter alia:

  • a variety of advertising solutions such ambient
  • temporary exhibitions inside and outside the Shopping Parks 
  • proposals for the organization of events,
  • advertising on outdoor advertising media and internal (such as billboards, backlit light boxes, hanging flags)

Each time, our proposed solutions for advertising, we try to fit the individual needs and budgets of our clients. All of our marketing campaigns we conduct with the utmost attention to quality of exposure. Bearing in mind the effectiveness of our proposed marketing solutions, we avoid too much exposure your ads in one place.

Everyone interested in buying advertising and conducting the promotion of their companies or their products in our parks, welcome to cooperation!

Iwona Walendzik Sales Manager Poland
+48 22 711 23 14