Park Handlowy Franowo, Poznań

About the centre

For fifteen years Park Handlowy Franowo in Poznań has been associated with providing the best of shopping experiences. The IKEA store itself has become a landmark drawing customers to the vast range of products offered by such renowned brands as OBI, Decathlon, Jula, Smyk MEGASTORE, RTV EURO AGD, Maxi Zoo, Jysk and Bel-Pol. A guarantee of high quality and choice for the whole family is the trademark of Park Handlowy Franowo. Park Handlowy Franowo will be expanded by retail and commercial space space in total 15 000 sqm, until 2017.
Park Handlowy Franowo comprises IKEA, OBI, Jula and Decathlon in addition to an arcade offering extensive choice plus the convenience of a vast car park for today’s demanding shopper.


Opening Year:2013/2017
GLA:46 490
Number of Shops:15
Parking:2 500
Visitors:3,5 mio
Catchment Area:1 mio inhabitants

Tenants > 1000m2

  • Carrefour
  • JULA
  • Obi
  • Decathlon
  • JYSK
  • Vision Express
  • Topwert


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