Wola Park, Warszawa

Wola Park is a family-friendly shopping centre and a destination where the whole family can meet and relax. Over 200 stores offer clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, sports equipment and home décor. Renowned Polish and international brands available in Wola Park include Auchan, Castorama, TK Maxx H&M, ZARA and Toys”R”Us. Wola Park also houses Multikino, Calypso fitness club and the M&I Sulewscy Dance Academy. Additional amenities include free parking for 3,000 vehicles and a gas station. Wola Court which offers office space is also a part of Wola Park. In 2015 Wola Park was extended and the existing part was modernized. The shopping centre grew by 17,500 sq. m and its area now amounts to 77,500 sq. m. Over 35 new tenants, including the Castorama DIY-store, have moved into Wola Park as a result of the investment. A new food court has also been launched and includes brands which are having their Polish debut here, i.e. Fuddruckers and DQ Chill&Grill. 

Wola Park has not only expanded but also opened up to the local community. Wola Park wants to stay close to everyday concerns of Wola residents. This is why the centre works with local authorities and cultural organizations and actively participates in the life of the district.



Opening Year:2002
Number of Shops:200
Parking:3 000
Visitors:12,5 mio.
Catchment Area:1 510 000

Tenants > 1000m2

  • Castorama, GO Sport, Smyk, C&A
  • TK Maxx, Reserved, H&M, Toys’R’Us, ZARA, RTV Euro AGD, Mango, Komputronik

  • Multikino, Calypso Fitness


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